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Using Bart Simpson to get more attendance to a Scientology Meet?  Seriously Nancy Cartwright? Seriously?

Oh, I know the post title is pretty obvious, but what can you do?

I seriously want to own this t-shirt. Check out the merch and the message here.


You know, I really don’t have a problem with this, in theory.  Your mouth your choice, whatever.  I think there is a time and a place for swearing, but in my personal life I don’t want that dictated to me.  I understand if certain people don’t want to swear or be around that, but I just don’t want it proselytized to me.  I understand most of the social etiquette of cussing I won’t do it in public (loudly), not around my grandma, or young school children.  I realize that he isn’t aiming his argument at my age group but his own, so I will excuse him that.  Also the kid that runs the organization seems a little entitled and a big know it all (what 14 year old just disagrees with scientific research so flippantly).  Plus he uses other words such as “Darn”, which while less offensive, means the same damn, (uh I mean darn), thing.  Rant over.

Watch a video of him getting kudos from MSNBC after the cut…Oh and feel free to buy me that t-shirt, I will wear it all over town.  All over.

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Oh Family Feud, a little less than family oriented today.  I wish they would do an adult version of this show.

I appologize for this in advance– Wootan Clan ain’t nothin’ to fuck with!


I love how BAD it looks like Joel feels for Stains’ plight.

I think it is insane that this could be aired anywhere, and yet oh so comical.


GREAT DAY FOR THE LONELY: Cat Bordellos Take Over Japan  – [Best Week Ever]

This Clown Will Make You Not Want To Have Sex – [Videogum]

Katy Perry Vows: No Kissing for One Year…Yeah – [PopEater]

How Barack and Michell Obama Met, Plus Their First Date – [Celebitchy]

Gay Mayor of Portland Caught in Sex Scandal — Damn…I Voted For Him! – [Towerload]

Re-experience Inauguration Day with Jon Stewart – [Videogum]

I am actually kind of shocked that this happened so fast.  It isn’t quite as impressive or hilarious as Katy Perry’s spill, but Joaquin has already fallen off a stage.  He couldn’t even justify it with a bad-ass performance.  At least the fall was entertaining.

Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check out Joaquin’s “rapping skills” after the cut.

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Congrats to you and me.  We will have a new president today!  I hope he sticks to his guns and his promises.

It ain’t looking good for Mitt Romney to be the Secretary of “Lookin’ Good,”  though I am still hoping for Regis on the Nickle.


Thanks to The Axis of Awesome for this.  I would say that people should come up with more original chords, but a) What else is there? and b) I like those four chords.  They are comforting and familiar, and I now I get why.


Mr. Peebles – The World’s Smallest Cat – [Wa!eg]

James Marsters as a Alien Fighting Cowboy…Hot! – [i09]

Madonna…Un-Photoshopped?  6th Sign of the Apocalypse People, Duck and cover – [The Blemish]

Keanu Reeves as Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Beebop — I am Skeptical – [/film]

Atari Lamp and Tetris Mirrors – [Wonderland]

A Promo for Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse[i09]

Bored?  Slap Some Bitches — It Will Make You Feel Better –  [nigoro]

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