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You have to check out these Truthful TV Title Cards from  Pretty much the most consise and accurate little TV Titles there ever were.  I really have to agree with the ones that I posted here.  If you don’t know what shows they are from what is the matter with you?  In the first card’s case, I actually stopped watching a bit into the second season after realizing that death has no meaning in this universe.  I stopped watching the second after I realized I should just wait for the whole damn thing to be done and then spend a couple weekends cramming.  It is so hard to keep up from week to week with information slowly draining out of my head.

If you are any kind of good geek you already know all about Joss Whedon’s new series, Dollhouse.  The show is scheduled to air on Fox as part of their midseason lineup in January 2009.  It stars Whedonverse veteran Eliza Dushku as an agent in a secret black ops organization.   The agents are called “Dolls”, after they do their missions they get their minds wiped and get a whole new identity implanted.  Dushku’s character, Echo, starts to retain her memories.  Tah-Da!

Wicked stoked about this.  I actually kind of forgot about it, and then found the official website.  Which means Fox hasn’t axed it yet!  Yay!

It is never too soon to start a campaign to keep this show alive though.

After the cut watch the clip of Eliza from the Jimmy Kimmel show that got PETA super pissed off.

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