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It has been a while since I saw a Wes Craven movie look so watchable so I thought I would share.  Also the Taken by Trees version of Sweet Child O’ Mine at the end of the trailer is effin wicked.

/Film reports:

Rouge Pictures has released the movie trailer for the remake of The Last House on the Left, the landmark suspense thriller that launched Wes Craven’s directing career. Is it just me or does this actually look like a fun thriller for a change? I haven’t seen Craven’s original in years but I don’t remember it looking this good.

The night she arrives at the remote Collingwood lakehouse, Mari (Sara Paxton) and her friend are kidnapped by a prison escapee and his crew. Terrified and left for dead, Mari’s only hope is to make it back to parents John and Emma (Tony Goldwyn and Monica Potter). Unfortunately, her attackers unknowingly seek shelter at the one place she could be safe. And when her family learns the horrifying story, they will make three strangers curse the day they came to The Last House on the Left.

Here is the trailer for your consumption:

I think it looks like it could be pretty good.  I kind of have a guilty pleasure thing for Monica Potter and the story seems super intense.  Also I think I recognize the kid they pick up at the beginning.  Too lazy to look and see who he is right now.  The only thing is I don’t know if I want to see it based mostly on the purpose that the damn cover of Sweet Child is so awesome.  I have already downloaded it…legitimatly of course.  Cough.

I just watched the trailer to 17 Again…and I pretty much need to see it.  I love Matthew Perry, and even though it looks like his part is minimal, I must give him support.  Plus I actually like Zac Efron more than I would like to admit.  I think he has some solid acting chops.  We will see how his career goes, but I think he is going to leave the other High School Musical alumni, including his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, in the dust.

This trailer looks like most of my guilty pleasures wrapped up in a big dirty guilty pleasure ball.  What do you think?  See it or leave it?

Watch it here.  Let me know if it disappears.

Uh, mostly frightened.  This looks pretty atrocious.  That said; I am totally gonna see it for the James Martstersiness of it.  I have to be a good supportive girlfriend, uh, I mean fan.

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