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Source: Defamer

Here is the first part.  Watch the whole thing here.

Apparently, Joaquin announced pretty randomly that he was retiring from Hollywood.  He did so to a red carpet interviewer from Extra.  Claaaaassy.

Ok, seriously…retire, do what you want to do.  Live out your dreams to be a big music icon, whatever.  Just don’t announce it when you are obviously on narcotics. That isn’t really asking for much.  I mean, even if he is just on Ambient or some bullshit, he is on something (See: Above — Sometimes he can’t even spell his own effin name).  If I sound indigent, it is only because this is so trite and so dramatic.  He could have just…you know, stopped acting for a while, or work on music on the side.  That would have worked.  Plus what is up with Casey Affleck?  Acting all like, “Didn’t you hear? He put out an album.”  Neither of them came off well for me in this craziness.

Source – Just Jared

Watch the Extra clip after the cut.

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David Tennant, the 10th Doctor on the UK’s prolific Sci-Fi series Doctor Who was named the 16th Most Sexy Man by Cosmopolitan Magazine.  He is definitely on my short list of potential husbands, so I was very pleased that he ranked that high in an American magazine.  The top 5 mostly consisted of the tried and true favorites, Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, George Clooney, and of course Johnny Depp was number one… shocker.

What actually WAS a shocker is that Tennant after 3 seasons and a few specials in the works is leaving Doctor Who.  That sad fact made me a little teary eyed.  I understand his reasoning though, leave while you will still be missed.  I pray that they can come up with somebody as easy to relate to and charismatic to take over the mantle of the much beloved television icon.

After the cut watch a video of David talking about his departure.

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Here is a little Halloweenie preview from the episode of The View.  The whole cast dressed up as presidents, with varying results.  Whoopi as FDR, Joy as Teddy Roosevelt, Sherri as Lincoln, Elisabeth as Regan of course, and Babs as Washington.  I will post some of the hijinx tomorrow.

Ah yes, it had to be done.  Older, out of shape, and obsolete the Street Fighter gang is back.  I had to watch all of these.  If you love Street Fighter 2 like I do then you can’t go wrong with this web series.

They have some surprisingly good special effects in these shorts, though couldn’t they have pumped some of that budget into Ken’s wig? Meh.

I hear that they are in production with what will likely be an ill-fated television pilot as well.

Happy Tuesday!

Remember when Larry the Cable Guy was this somewhat feminine hack?  No?  Me neither.  This blew my mind more than it should have.  Check this out.

Sad part is that this is actually far funnier than “Git er Done”.

Source: Celebitchy

I think this is gonna be a winner with the kiddies.

In celebration of Happy Saturday – Have a Kung Fu Baby

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