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Oh she is pretty much the worst.  The worst.  I was shocked that Elisabeth was even calling her on her shit. And Oh!  She DID NOT just diss Barbara, “I have never heard my book being read aloud like your reading Mein Kaumpf.”  You DO NOT mess with Barbara, she is way too dignifed for that.

Wow, just wow.  Dennis Hopper tends to be a Republican wind-bag, so I am very impressed at this turn of view, based on the facts, mostly the fact that Sarah Palin is a silly silly lady.  He says that he has been a Republican since the Regan days, hopefully his change of heart will be a running theme for voters today.

I am shocked at how quiet Elisabeth was.

Here is the first part.  Watch the whole thing here.

Happy Monday!

Apparently Elisabeth doesn’t see eye to eye with Anne Coulter.  I have to admit, Coulter is far more evil in the scheme of things.  Though Elisabeth is working really hard to come up from behind though.

I have a guilty pleasure for The View, I don’t want to watch whole episodes, but some segments are effin funny.  I also have a fond love of the ballsy Bill Maher, mostly because he has no problem pissing people off.  I don’t always agree with him, but I love listening to him anyway.

So combine em – and you have something magical.

Part 1

Catch the end too after the cut.  He basically tells Sherri that she should go to an asylum.  I cringed, but secretly I agree…not just for the reasons he is saying either.  Have you heard her talk abut the world being flat? Or the time that she said that Christians existed before everything else?  She is priceless.

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