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I found this adroable revamp (no pun intended) of Vamperalla on Project: Rooftop and have ever since worshiped Maris Wicks fabulous dots for eyes asthetic.  Check out her blog, read it and then whine that she needs to update more often.


I don’t even know if A Date with Death is what this fabulous mini-comic by Natasha Allegri is called (though it seems good to me), but I thought I would share the comic with you all (the first few pages anyways).  The art is so simple and cute, plus you actually feel for the characters in this 12 pager.  You can find the rest on her livejournal if you enjoyed. Be sure to give her well deserved kudos as well.

Leslie Levings is the soul female of the group at, a blog that has tons of super cute and funny comics (kitty faced kitty!).  My favorite thing that Leslie produces is a line of orignial sculptures called, “Beastlies”.  They are adorable and strongly reminisent of the utter cuteness and mild morbitity of the classic children’s book Where the Wild Things Are.  I own a couple so far, both bought from conventions.  If you would like one of your own check out Leslie’s etsy.  Right now there are just T-Shirts, but keep an eye out, she is always creating new critters to sell.

When this stunning piece done by Nina Matsumoto hit the scene it caused quite a stir on the Internet.  I thought I would dig it up and show it to you all in case you missed it’s gloriousness.  Also, recently Nina got to work for Bongo (The Simpsons comics company) comics recently, for their Treehouse of Terror Issue.  She did a paraody of Death Note, the page I saw looks spectacular.  Find it, buy it, read it, be happy. Also below check out her version of Futurama.

If you haven’t checked out Springfield Punx yet, I insist you do.  This site is updated regularly with top notch Simpsons-esque art featuring all your favorites (or at least my favorites: see Harley Quinn below).  Currently the site is featuring a “Month of Marvel” with Captain America and Iron man already out!  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the month holds, some X-Men would be pretty keen.

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