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Ok, so I had one of the shittiest weekends of my life, but at least I found this amazing performance by The Wrong Trousers to make me smile a bit.  I hope this brightens up your Monday as well.

By the by, take a listen to Everything All on their myspace (link above), it is really beautiful.

Remember Literal Take on Me? Apparently Dust Films has released new Literal spin on Tears for Fears, Head over Heels.  I love the original, but oddly enough I never have seen the video, which was really very weird.  Plus anything with a Dave Coulier joke is alright with me.

This has been floating around the Internet for a few days, and I don’t feel like I would being doing my job if I didn’t post it too.  Make sure to make it through the first 30 seconds or so for the lyrics.

This has left me speechless.  No that is a lie…What the hell Dan?  What the hell.  I have to admit though this video is pretty much amazing.  You may think that he is preaching about the paranormal, but nooooo…well yes he IS doing that, but also, he is selling top shelf vodka that come in crystal skulls (Yes just like the Indian Jones flick).  He must have been drinking some good shit to come up with this idea.  Have fun watching this craziness.

Can you explain what is going on here?  Cause I am not sure I can.

Source: Best Week Ever

Oh, us women DO like yogurt huh?

Ok, enough of the snarkiness.  I thought this video was pretty good anyways.  This is Sarah Haskins and she does a line of Target Women videos that you can find on youtube.

With Amy Winehouse out of the picture to sing the new Bond Theme due to crack whoring it up, it was up to Jack White and Alicia Keyes to pick up the slack.  Unfortunately the results were less than satisfactory.  I can see they were going for something different, and occasionally you can see glimmers of brilliance, but for the most part the crap harmonizing makes me make cringie faces.

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