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Interesting news from The Post-Gazette (The lady avove is pleased about it):

No citations for giving the finger to police, judge says

U.S. District Judge David Cercone granted summary judgment to David Hackbart, who said in a federal suit that Sgt. Brian Elledge violated his constitutional rights by issuing him a citation in 2006.

“Elledge’s response to Hackbart’s exercise of his First Amendment right was to initiate a traffic stop and issue a citation for disorderly conduct,” the judge wrote. “Clearly, Elledge’s conduct was an adverse action in response to Hackbart flipping him off.”

Honestly, for the most part I think we should respect our law enforcement officials.  Maybe not all the laws, but the officials.  They are just doing their job, and protect us with their lives.  Buuuuuuuuut…I totally think this is a corrrect judgment.  Plus any cop who would get all butt-hurt over a case of the bird is the type of cop who deserves it.  Seems like a little abuse of power to give tickets because they are offended.  So the Asshole hurt your feeeeeeelings with his rude, insensitive hand gestures.  Get the hell over it.  You have a gun, a badge, the power to serve and protect and drive really fast pretty much any time you want to.  Turn around and walk it off.  If you are the type of cop to not take yourself or these people too seriously, that wasn’t for you.  You’re rad, keep protecting me please.

Any opinions on the subject?  Do you think they made the wrong decision?

Good for these boys.  Seriously.  This made my day.

From Videogum:

Sure, their dance was a little over the top and stereotype-enforcing, but the banner makes their intentions clear. (And they’re frat boys. This is huge progress.) You know how Keith Olbermann has Worst Person In The World? This week, the dudes of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity at the University Of Chicago are the Best People In The World. How many folks need to surprise themselves by responding to the Westboro Baptist hate mongers with a new passion for gay rights before Fred Phelps shuts it down? Westboro Baptist is the ultimate lesson in accidental satire. These are amazing times we’re living in right now. Unbelievable.

I couldn’t agree more.  Kind of like how nobody made more Democrats that George W., I have to hope that Fred Phelps will make way more gay rights devotees than he will gay haters.

Oh!  And check out after the cut for an Australian Comedic Reporter hitting on Fred Phelps Jr.  Classic.

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Seriously, what the hell Japan?

Give me a ring tone that makes me look younger and gets me a six figure salary and you got yourself a deal.

Source:  Topless Robot

Oh, I know the post title is pretty obvious, but what can you do?

I seriously want to own this t-shirt. Check out the merch and the message here.


You know, I really don’t have a problem with this, in theory.  Your mouth your choice, whatever.  I think there is a time and a place for swearing, but in my personal life I don’t want that dictated to me.  I understand if certain people don’t want to swear or be around that, but I just don’t want it proselytized to me.  I understand most of the social etiquette of cussing I won’t do it in public (loudly), not around my grandma, or young school children.  I realize that he isn’t aiming his argument at my age group but his own, so I will excuse him that.  Also the kid that runs the organization seems a little entitled and a big know it all (what 14 year old just disagrees with scientific research so flippantly).  Plus he uses other words such as “Darn”, which while less offensive, means the same damn, (uh I mean darn), thing.  Rant over.

Watch a video of him getting kudos from MSNBC after the cut…Oh and feel free to buy me that t-shirt, I will wear it all over town.  All over.

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This is a fantastic video from Videogum:

This article explains (in English) that it was a co-worker’s cat that accidentally wandered into the broadcast. We’d all have preferred that the meteorologist freak out like the roach weatherman, but they can’t all be the best live news blooper ever.

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