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I always think about what I am wearing, cause if I just died one day, would I really want to have a shirt on that said something like, “Jesus did it for the ladies”?  I have never thought about what not to wear in case I get arrested, though I guess I should put some thought into that as well!  A T-Shirt maybe be funny once (or not at all), but a mugshot sticks around with you for a life-time, especieally since the internet sprang into exsistance.  Check out these double losers in their Unfortunate T-Shirt choices on Oddee.


Try not to have too many nightmares about this.

And coming too a town near…me?  Rad.

He is promoting My Name is Bruce, which I would very much like to see.

I met Bruce once, he told me to, “Go where the wind blows baby.”  Pretty much the keenest moment ever!

Here is the trailer for My Name is Bruce:

Here is a glorious Andy Samberg Short for you.  Happy Wednesday!

Make sure to stick around until the end.  It is worth it.

Also catch another short after the cut.

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