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Oh good god this is pretty disturbing.  Click here to watch how Walmart expanded since its creation/spawning.  It starts off slow, but when it gets going prepare to be unsettled.  Well, unsettled if you have a soul.  Even the Walmart Douche is shivering right now, and douches aren’t scared of anything…except feminism.

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I always think about what I am wearing, cause if I just died one day, would I really want to have a shirt on that said something like, “Jesus did it for the ladies”?  I have never thought about what not to wear in case I get arrested, though I guess I should put some thought into that as well!  A T-Shirt maybe be funny once (or not at all), but a mugshot sticks around with you for a life-time, especieally since the internet sprang into exsistance.  Check out these double losers in their Unfortunate T-Shirt choices on Oddee.


Ok, I know this is shallow or whatever, but I really don’t care.  I dislike Rachel Ray…a lot.  I find her annoying and disingenuous.  I hate all her little “Yum-o’s” and whatnots that are supposed to make her so charming and easy to relate to. Now I have an even better reason to dislike her.

National Enquirer (January 5, 2008) Reports:

To promote her Nutrish line of dog food, the super chef recently published a recipe that’s intended for human consumption in a popular dog lover’s magazine. The recipe, “Isaboo’s Butternut Squash Mac and Cheddar” was inspired by her pit bull Isaboo’s love of squash. But readers were confused and believed the dish, that included an ingredient that could kill dogs, was mean for their dogs.

Nowhere in the dog magazine did it state that the recipe was intended for humans, not dogs. And the text accompanying the recipe contained a disclaimer warning owners to check with their dogs’ veterinarians, again leading many to believe the recipe was for dogs…

Dr. Dana Harman, D.V.M., of Boca Raton, Fla, explains that onions can cause “potentially fatal hemolytic anemia” in dogs.

Modern Dog has since added a mild disclaimer to their website telling people that the recipe is intended for people, though the people at Rachel Ray’s website have left the recipe unchanged.  Even listing it under a Pet Friendly header and it starts with a picture of Rachel and her dog Boo eating a very similar looking meal (see above).

I hope that Rachel Ray hasn’t used her completely evil and annoying powers to kill your (or your friends) dogs.

Source:  Celebitchy

Oh my gosh, the is the best thing EVER!!!!


I like this clipping from a police blotter in the Silicon Valley area. I don’t know if it’s real or not, but I hope it is.

Source: Boing Boing,


Try not to have too many nightmares about this.


Seriously, he must.  His peen is probably falling off.  He hits on everything that moves!  Recently he was doing an interview with 22 year old Sarah Ball of Newsweek about his new movie JCVD, which is all about himself…fascinating.  The married (to wifey number five), 48 year old actor, took the opportunity to stop talking about his movie and blatantly hit on the young journalist.

There s a monologue in the film about being a washed-up action star. Did you improvise that?
I like structure—like driving: go past the school on the street, stay on the right side, no hitting the car, go in right, you’ll see a big church, stop and take a left, and you’ll have it. By doing this I’m giving a structure of life, a path of light, and showing what happens between me and me, which is something very beautiful.

Beautiful? Why?
I really opened myself up in “JCVD.” I peeled back the skin of the fruit, cut the pulp and then took that very hard seed. In this film I cut that hard seed, and inside that seed was a kind of liquid cream substance of the man I am, or the woman you are.

It was like being naked—I would love to be naked in front of you.

Well, I
Not being naked being naked. I say such things in Hong Kong and they thought I was being a crazy Frenchman. Being naked of protection.

So you ve no regrets at all?
Believe me—I’ve done very good stuff and very crazy stuff, and I don’t regret the crazy stuff. So are you in New York?

Yes, I am.
And are you 27, or 32?

I m 22.
Oh, f–––. That is very young. Will you come to the premiere?

I don t know. When is it?
I don’t know. You will wear all black, a black dress and high heels?

You can come find me, I will be the one with the very broad shoulders, dark hair and a simple suit. We can have some champagne, you and me.

All I have to say after that is: Really?  Really?  How often does this work for you?  Cause this is really not smooth.  It just makes me want to vomit in my mouth.  Tsk.

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