Excuse all the tags, but there are a LOT of celebrities in these ads.  I didn’t want to leave anyone important out.

This year, celebrities reeeeeeally want you to vote.  Hell so do I!  However, I kind of wonder how much these ads are really going to help anybody.  I thought I would show em all to you anyway.  The inspirational, the lame, and the really f*cking lame.  Enjoy!

Here is a an oldie but a goodie.

See the rest after the cut—

Sarah Silverman, funny as always (well mostly), but effective?

Usually I CAN be tricked with reverse psychology, but this was still to obvious. And if Sarah once again, Jonah Hill and that one Friends joke wasn’t in it, it would be unwatchable. Not safe for work by the way.

Speaking of unwatchable.

And now for the cringe worthy.  I realize that this was kind of impromptu, but really guys?  Really?